Dartannon Wilson Sr.


Dartannon is an Author of two books titled:

Dream Leaders: Becoming The Leader Of Your Dreams

The Positive Notebook

Life Coach

Dartannon is a Certified Life Coach whose main focus is to help People find their Life Purpose, Transform their life, Understand the Power of Manifestation, and Setting Goals.


Dartannon has a nonprofit organization name Dream Leaders Mentoring program which motivate, inspire, and empowers young men, teaching them Leadership skills, Goal setting, and Going for their Dreams.


Dartannon uses Youtube as a platform to help Motivate, Inspire, and by giving tips on becoming your best self.

S2: Episode 12: Align your life with God’s will for your life LIVIN’ AS PROOF

In this episode Dartannon talks about aligning your life with God’s will for your life. Most of us are walking on a path of destruction because we are leaning onto our own understanding instead of God. Stay in God’s will and stand on his promises for your life — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-livin-proof/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-livin-proof/support
  1. S2: Episode 12: Align your life with God’s will for your life
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  3. S2: Episode 10: Persistence beats resistance (the power of yes and no)
  4. S2: Episode 9: Why do people come into our lives for a season, reason, and lifetime.
  5. S2: Episode 8: Allow God To Lead You