The Positive Notebook: God will carry you.

“No fire can burn me

No battle can turn me

No mountain can stop me

Cause you hold my hand

And I am walking in your victory

Cause your power is within me

No giant can defeat me

Cause you hold my hand”

God will carry you through every season of your life.

Through life we sometimes get to the point where we allow of own strength to carry us through tough moments. Depending on our own strength will only carry us so far to the point where we will begin to quit on ourselves and just give up. I know from experience that everything I tried on my own I failed. Why? Because I depended on my own strength instead of God strength. He told us in his word that his strength is made perfect in our weakness. Some of us have been weak for so long and in order for us to reach our purpose in life, we have to let God take control of our life. He won’t lead you wrong.

When I begin to let God lead and order my steps, things begin to work in my favor. Not for my glory but so he may be glorified. Let God carry you through this season of your life. He will get you to where you need to be. All he ask is that you have the faith. Do you have faith today? Believing and knowing what God has promised you he will fulfill in your life. Your faith is what will activate God in your life. Faith without works is dead. Have faith and apply the action. God wants you to prosper in life. Allow him to carry you.

We all know the story of when Jesus walked on water. Peter also walked on the water to that day. Peter begin to sink because he took his eyes off of Jesus. In response Jesus said “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” God will begin to have you doing the impossible to the point that it may scare you but if you just keep your eyes on him, he makes the impossible possible. Don’t doubt God’s power. God is going to help you in this season, it’s up to you to have the faith.

Do you have faith today?

Don’t take your eyes of the one who makes the impossible possible. He will carry you.

I believe that God will really begin to work in your life when you put your pride aside and get on your knees to pray. You will fail doing things on your own but with God, he makes all things Possible.

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