The Positive Notebook: Sometimes God has to break you down to bless you up

Sometimes God has to break you down to bless you up. God doesn’t break you down to keep you broken. He breaks you down to build you up in your strength, faith, and to humble you. God is going to build you up better than before, not leave you broken. 

Sometimes God takes you on a journey you didn’t know you needed to bring you everything you ever wanted. During our broken moments it’s very hard to understand and accept. In my broken moments in life I would have kept a defeated mindset if I didn’t trust and believe the plans that God had for my life. When you feel helpless and alone, it’s easy to believe those negative thoughts. We even may have people that are close to us try to break us down even more by continually putting negativity in our ears and mind. So people only check on you to see if you have failed yet but God will put you back together right in front of those that tried to break you.

In those times waiting on God isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it in the end. So when you’re thinking about giving up and throwing in the towel, God will send the right people in your life to encourage you, uplift you, and speak into your life.

God has great plans for your life and the timing of it is going to be perfect. Don’t give up, you’re closer than you think. Don’t lose faith. A little faith can move big mountains. Be patient but still put in the work. Trust the process.
Things that happen in life are not designed to stop us but to re-position us so we can come in contact for what God really has for us.

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