The Positive Notebook: Know yourself, Know your worth. Love yourself, Love YOU first.

Know yourself, know your worth
Love yourself, love YOU First
Knowing yourself is the beginning of it all. Many times in life we base our identity off of what other people want us to be or what they think we should be. Your identity is yours and it belongs to YOU. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are in this life. It’s up to you to know yourself just so you know what you deserve in life. You’re worth more than the limits people try to put on you. Knowing yourself makes a huge difference because it’s you teaching people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.

What is your worth? Is there a price on what you bring to the table? Are you getting from someone what you are putting in to them? Our worth sometimes gets devalued by people because if they see you devaluing yourself, they are going to think it’s acceptable to do the same also. You deserve so much in this life but not knowing your worth can stop you from getting what you deserve.

Love yourself first. It’s not selfish to love yourself first. The love you have for yourself will cause people to respect that. If they don’t respect that, that means that person has no love for themselves. You have to Love yourself First before you love someone else. Loving others becomes easy when you love yourself. You are loved, you are wonderfully made, you have purpose, and God has great plans for you. God sees the value that you have in your life. If you see what God can see, then start walking in that confidence of your value.

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