The Positive Notebook: All things fall together

All things fall together
You don’t have to have it all together. Life is all about becoming better everyday. Sometimes we think just because we are at a point in life where it just seems like nothing is working or you keep losing things, nothing is going your way and it seem like everyone is against you. That’s enough problems right there to throw in the towel. In my life I experienced low times and high times, but in the low times that’s what helped build me to be better. There are lessons learned in those low moments but the question is are you learning to do better? The low moments are beneficial when you learn from them. Going up a level in life is going to require a different version of you. But if you keep experiencing some of the same things, maybe you haven’t leveled up yet. But when you do level up you’re going to experience some things at level one plus the more at level two. It’s all about having the mindset that, you’re not going to let the same thing continue to stop you and block you. In life things are going to fall apart just so they can be put back together the right way and better. God wants us to trust him during the lows as well as the highs. It’s easy to forget what God has done in the high moments because in our mind things are good, but the low moments teaches us that if I have that same level of faith that put me back together, if I keep that faith it’ll be stronger than ever. The things we face in life can be repeated sometimes God allow us to visit a certain situation just so we can do things right this time. Life gets better. You have the opportunity everyday to make something happen. It’s all up to you.

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