The Positive Notebook: Trust the timing of your life

Trust the timing of your life. God has a lot of great things in store that he wants you to achieve, but sometimes we get distracted and lose focus because we begin to focus on what other people have and what you don’t have. Everyone timing in life is different but that doesn’t mean that you are behind. It just means that in patience, your time is coming. Staying focused, working hard, and keeping the faith and the things that you have been working for will come to pass. In life I felt like I was behind because I focused my attention on looking at what others had and not realize what I have and what I am working on. Its just in due time. Your season will come! Trust the process that God is taking you through in your life. If you can handle the small things you will be able to handle the larger things but the process is what helps humble you and help you to handle these things. My process in life I know it has helped with my patience and helped humble me. So if you’re out there and you have goals, you have dreams of doing something, don’t stop, don’t quit. Consistency brings results. Your time will come.

Greatness takes time. You are a seed that’s being planted. It’s a process to see a seed grow into a flower or tree. God has the perfect timing for what he wants to do in your life. It’s going to take your effort and faith to activate him in your life. Blessings are delayed and not denied. God is building you behind the scenes to get you ready for what he has. I know because in the time I started dream Leaders I was going at a good pace. Some things came along to where I had to get myself together. It’s not that I lost passion I just knew what I had to do first, which is getting my priorities right. Now I’m a college graduate and about to work in my career field. The dream that God gave me didn’t stop, it just went to working behind the scenes and now the timing of it being back in the forefront is in Gods perfect timing.

I know we all have dreams of doing great things. God sometimes keeps us in a situation until we learn from it or it’ll just keep repeating itself. I was in that moment of repetition before and now God has opened new doors for me. Use the situation you’re in as a building block. God’s timing is worth the wait.

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