The Positive Notebook: Growth in the valley

Growth happens in the valley. At the lowest points in our lives we have the decision to either grow and become stronger or stay there and become weaker. God never said that we will not experience storms in life. Just like seeds, God sends that storm so we can grow. You are a seed that will flourish to your best potential. In order to grow, you must be watered. That storm that was planning on breaking you, God is going to use it to make you better and stronger. Whatever situations you have in your life that’s been defeating you, just know that it’s your time to win this one. Grow through what you go through.

Your growth is going to shock the world. When You have a connection with God, he will cause growth in every season. Seasons that are unexpected for growth, he will allow you to blossom over any and every situation. Allow God in your life to help you in every situation in your life.

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