The Positive Notebook: Numbing the pain is not healing the pain

Numbing the pain is not healing the pain, you cannon heal your own heart. Only God can heal and mend that type of pain in your heart and heal it. You don’t have to go out and pretend to be happy. Find your happiness within God and it will help you find yourself. Most people actions/lives show a lot of emptiness rather than happiness. It’s easy to tell people you’re happy because it’s easy to say and you tell yourself so you can fell better. But im hear to let you know that you can find true happiness in your life. Pain is temporary. That pain won’t last forever, but its your choice to get healing or to keep numbing the pain. With a numb heart, you can push away the people that God has placed in your life for a reason. It’ll be hard to accept what is good for you because you may feel like you don’t deserve it. We all deserve to be happy but we must choose happiness. The choice is yours. That pain will push you to your purpose in life. Let God heal your heart. Don’t get bitter get better, so you can receive better. We are all going to experience pain in life but we don’t have to let “PAIN” be our life. Those wounds will heal and you will be better than before. Let God heal you from the Pain in your life so you can live your purpose in life and help others overcome their pain and begin their purpose also.

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