The Positive Notebook: The Art of the Mind

The mind is a beautiful art. One of the greatest things about the mind is that we have control over it. We face the most battles in our mind because, it is the mind in which the battles begin before it becomes action. Negativity will cross your mind, but your greatest power is replacing that negativity with positivity. The choice is yours. Another great power that you have is that, whatever you put your mind to do, you will and can do. We all have dreams and goals, and if we constantly put thoughts of greatness in our mind, it will soon become actions of greatness. Yes, people are going to doubt you and tell you what’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible and you are the masterpiece of the most high. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. Let your thoughts become actions of hard work and dedication. Faith without works is dead. Keep a positive mindset throughout your journey. You have greatness in you! and don’t let anyone change your mind about your greatness. Know yourself, know your worth. You have the power over your own mind. Don’t let the impossibilities of someone else stop you from achieving the things you know are possible.

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