The Positive Notebook: You deserve.

You deserve every good thing that is coming to you this year. I know in past time it can seem like you been giving more than you have been receiving. I’m believing that this year, you will be rewarded for how much you’ve given. You deserve the happiness you been giving others. The deserve the love you been showing to others. You deserve the loyalty. Don’t settle for anything less than what you have been giving. Know what you deserve. The good things that are coming are going to Be worth the wait. God’s blessing on your life is about to be seen from others.

We all know the saying, “ you get what you deserve “ which is a true statement. What you give you will get back in return. Life is too short to live life full of anger and disappointments. Although these things will occur, we must think of the blessings of God allowing us to make it this far and the great things that are in store. Live life to the fullest. Full of happiness, full of love, full of laughter, full of positivity. What you deserve will be in return this season. Show love to others, support others, be there for others. Getting what you deserve first start with GIVING what you deserve.

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