The Positive Notebook: 5 things you should tell yourself everyday.

5 things you should tell yourself everyday

Everyday you wake up is a blessing. The way to get your day started and on track no matter what situation you may face today, you must speak positive facts to yourself. Encourage yourself. Build yourself up. Have confidence in your abilities, your looks, yourself, and God!

I got 5 things you NEED to tell yourself to help you be the best that you know you already are!


You are the best at anything you are trying to do. Most importantly you are the best at being YOU! Never think you are worth less. No one can be you better than you. I wake up everyday know that Dartannon is the best at being Dartannon. You don’t have to be like others. God created you just the way he knew best. He knows you better than you know yourself. He sees you and know you are the best. Believe that you are too!!


I know life can be tough at times, but you got this!! You’re blessed to see another day for a reason! Go out and make greatness happen for yourself. Anything you put your mind to doing, you can do! Never doubt your God given abilities. Don’t limit yourself from the things God has taken the limits off of for you. YOU CAN DO IT!!


I know at times it just feels like you are alone, but I promise, God is always with you! Through the good and the bad, he is right there. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the goodness he has done for you. We need God daily. Starting your day off with God is always a plus for a great day. No matter any circumstance, he is right there. You are not alone. Talk to God.


You are a winner, no matter what! Have that winning attitude daily. To me , a loss is just another lesson that’s going to help me win! You are a winner at everything you are doing, especially Life!! You’re blessed to have another chance to win! Take advantage! Make your days count and win win win no matter what!!


This is one of the main things I tell myself. Even when things may go left, I always have the faith to know that God will make things right! Proclaiming that today is your day is a major confidence builder because we never know what the day will bring. That’s all faith! Believing in something even though you can’t see it. Walk by faith not sight. It’s your day to be great!!

Now that you know these 5 things to tell yourself. Go out and make great things happen for yourself. Dreams don’t work unless you get to work. You have greatness in you, so go give greatness and receive it in return!!

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