Tips To Help You Write Your First Book

Writing a book could be difficult at times simply because of these three things

• Having time to write

• What to write about

• How much to write

I know I struggled with writing at the beginning because I would write things down but I felt it wasn’t enough I needed more or I just could not find the time.

I always want to publish books but I didn’t realize the time it requires just to get it done.

I then started to think 🤔 if I have to turn in 4 page papers every week to my college professors maybe I can really write a book in no time.

And that’s what I start doing. Setting out time to write my college papers, I decided to set out time to write my own book.

Tips you need to know that will motivate you to write:

• 30 minutes to 1 hour writing /day

• Buying a good size journal

• A Good Title

• Topic

30 minutes to 1 hour writing/ day

It’s always hard to find time with our busy schedule but if we manage our time right we will soon see how important time management is to the things we feel we are not having time to do.

I started dedicating time to write because I don’t want to just write 1 book, I want to write tons.

Setting out time will definitely help you and structure you to writing your book.

It may take some time to adjust but once you get started you’re not gonna want to stop.

Buying a good size journal

Having a journal is how I started writing. Some may say the size of the journal don’t matter but if you have a good size journal you will be able to elaborate more on it.

This may not matter to some but have a journal period will help you on your writing journey.

A Good Title

You may not know what to write about or where to start. Having a Title can change help you with that.

Coming up with a Title first help me to know what I want to talk about in my book and helped me decide the chapters.

Your title should catch the interest of the reader. Having a Title that would catch people’s attention is very important because there is someone out there that may not know you but they can still find your book based on your title.

Some people may write first then come up with a title and others start with the title. I have books that I haven’t started writing yet but I already have a title for them just to help me start writing them.


Your chapters in the story must match your title. Your chapter topics will also help you to know what it is you want to talk about in your book.

You can always add and take away as time goes on but just having different topics will save you a lot of time especially if you may want to use it for another book.

Writing a book takes time. Don’t rush it but give yourself a due date on when you want to be finished.

I wanted to publish my book last year but just like most I did not know where to start. The main thing I did was never stop writing. Now I have so many titles, topics, and things written down that’s helping write.

Don’t rush the process trust the process and don’t stop writing!!

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