How I manage: being a full time student,working a full time job, part time job, entrepreneur, and being a father.

Now this is a good topic to discuss because I know it’s hard to just manage a few things in our life especially before you get to where you are comfortable in life.

Now currently I just graduated college

I graduated my 5th year. I had some setbacks and situations that really could have stopped me from achieving this goal.

My freshman year, I started off as a engineering major and it was not easy at all. I began to let it get the best of me and I was stressing. I wanted to quit right there but after talking to my mom she let me know how much more life can be stressful than just school work.

Now that’s the first time so of course now I’m feeling motivated to go back.

Then I started thinking about being an entrepreneur. I had then started, what was a business first, a company called Dream Leaders.

When you look at people being successful on YouTube, that kind of gives you hope to do the same.

I started thinking, why go to school when I can make more money and invest in myself doing YouTube. So the thought came in my mind again to quit.

I then started speaking in schools telling kids not to quit, but then here I am wanting to quit what I started.

I stopped going to class and stopped doing work. I got way behind and even got on academic probation.

My parents talked to me again and it hit me….

How can I go motivate kids to do their best and not quit when I’m trying to quit?

So I had to get things back in order with school.

I ended changing my major which were all online classes and still pursued being an entrepreneur…

Long story short I applied myself and I never quit and this was the result.

I work a full time job and part time job with kids !! Definitely worth it. Keeps me active but also very tired to do anything.

I work around 11-12 hours Monday through Friday and I’m completely drained by the time I come home.

Which leads to me wanting to be an entrepreneur, I have to also make time for that.

I start off strong but then I kind of wears you out after so long.

So after a long day of work I manage to still make videos and recently I just wrote a book, which almost seem like it took forever.

So managing school, two jobs, entrepreneur is already a lot you may say but then on top of all that the greatest thing happened to me.


Thank God I only had one more semester left of school when my son was born.

Raising a child is waaayyy more work than school, work and entrepreneurship.

My load got even heavier

But having my son actually helped pushed me to still manage

How??? You might ask

Because him being here helped me realize a lot of things.

Helped me to understand that what I’m doing is just not for me anymore.

I have someone else to really consider other than my self.

I know if I want to give him the best life, I must work 10 times harder.

It’s very tough but when you have something worth fighting for, it doesn’t matter what it takes.

While being a dad I still

Graduated college

Go to work daily

Do my YouTube videos

Published a book

And more

Did I do it alone? Of course NOT!

The best thing is having a good support system.

My son My is a great mother and does a good job taking care of him.

My mom and sister ALWAYS help me when I have things to do.

And my girlfriend mom is also very helpful

When it comes to managing and balancing life you have to make sure you get these two things

Good rest

A good support system

Don’t over do things. Don’t over work yourself.

You have to realize that your health is important too.

You can manage your time by

Planning ahead

Putting things in a planner

Or phone calendar

Make sure you also make time for yourself.

Yes I get tired and sometimes I have to go to the gym to get my mind back ready and focused.

The gym helps me release

I also nap a lot. A WHOLE LOT

I get a lot done and still manage to also take care of my health.

So if you’re reading this, just know you can manage things but you also have to be ready to put in a lot of work.

Since graduating college, i was able to put more time into the other things.

Make a check list to check so things off so you can see how much of a difference it makes.

I now have started my mentor program and writing my second book!!

So it can be done!!

Question is

Are you willing to do more than what it takes??!?

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