God has a perfect plan for your imperfect life.

God has a perfect plan for your imperfect life.

Perfection is something we can strive for but still never manage to come close to. God understands that we will never be perfect. He knows that we are going to make mistakes and fail sometimes.

That doesn’t mean that his plan for us changes.

We go through life wanting to be perfect in the eyes of others. Then when we make a mistake or fail; the people we are trying to please are the first to judge.

People will use your past failures and mistakes against you and make you feel worthless.

But God see our imperfections and still use us effectively.

Many times we live our life trying to please others when the only one who’s opinion matters is our own and what God knows about us.

Don’t go through life trying to be perfect in the eyes of others just for them to tear you down.

The plans God has for your life are still in effect even when you make the mistakes.

It’s up to you to make the choice to get back on the path to following God’s perfect plan and will for your life.

Let your story be the one that inspires a generation.

Don’t feel shameful for the decisions and mistakes you made in life.

See everyday as a new opportunity to become better and fulfill your purpose in life.

God has something great in store for you.

Don’t let your imperfections stop the perfect plan that God has for your life.



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