Don’t rush what God is taking time to prepare.

Trusting God’s timing requires a lot of patience.

We sometimes try to position ourselves for things that we are not ready for.

We think more about the benefits of what we may receive but we don’t think about what that certain thing will require from us.

I know in the beginning of starting something new or wanting something new, we expect to see results right away.

We start to rush the process and began to become frustrated with what we are doing simply because we are not getting the results we expected.

Trusting the process takes times.

God sometimes allow things to happen simply to build us so we won’t break.

Yes I know what you are doing may be hard but you have to trust God in the process because he’s not only preparing you for a certain thing be he’s also preparing a certain thing for you.

We must allow God to shift some things around in our life because he’s the one that’s going to lead us in the right direction.

Don’t allow your impatience cause you to quit what God has called you to do.

If God is in it, there is no limits.

We fail many times rushing what God is trying to do in our lives and that is what causes us to be frustrated.

Knowing that God is in control of your life is something you should not worry about.

If you put God is first in your life, trust his timing with your life.

Everything is going according to his plan

Trust God’s timing.

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