God isolates you so you can get yourself together. It may seem like you lost friendships and relationships but a better you is worth more.

Isolation is best when you are isolating yourself to build a closer relationship with God.

As we Grow in God and grow as a person, we begin to realize that the people around us have no desire to do the same.

You attract who you are.

When it comes to growth, sometimes the people around us can either help us or hurt us.

It’s your choice to choose who you want to be around to help you to elevate your life.

I know we can never become successful or do things on our own

But if you desire to become a better person, then that should be your first priority.

If you desire growth, sometimes you’re going to have to isolate yourself to get to where you want to be.

Not everyone is supposed to be with you on your journey.

Finding yourself and growing in God, you are giving God permission to put the right people on your path.

When you find like minded people and surround yourself with them, you will begin to grow even more.

Iron sharpens iron

Get around people who sharpen you to becoming better.

If God cause you to be isolated, make sure you are growing in him.

Many times we isolate ourselves and not focus on God and ourselves.

When you don’t focus on God, that’s when the Devil will try to attack your mind.

An idle mind is the devil playground

Protect your mind

Growing should be a necessity in your life

If you lose people on the way, just know that God is getting ready to surround you with the right people to prosper you.

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