They didn’t leave you. God removed them.

People have been removed from your life because God is getting ready to elevate your life and they cannot go where God is taking you.

Many times we think that we are obligated to have certain people around us

But when it comes to elevation and progress

Some people are not elevating with you

And we try continue to help people that’s ok with being stagnant and it’s causing us to be stagnant.

Don’t allow others to drop their baggage off on you

Only to have you focused on their problems and not getting yourself together.

We sometimes have toxic people that continually complain or make excuses

And we think just because they’re our friends or family

We have to keep them around

When God shift your life, it’s ok to let those people go.

God is going to remove anyone that is not on the same path as you.

Trust God in this season

If you’re progressing in life and you see people that you’re usually around begin to leave

Just know that God plan for you does not require them to be present

God will send you someone or people that are going celebrate you and not just tolerate you.

People come into our life for a reason a season and a lifetime.



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