Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

As we go through life we know the importance of relationship building.

Whether it’s with building a relationship with God or someone that you are pursuing.

The main relationship I believe we miss out on building as a young adult is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Loving yourself, trusting yourself, knowing your worth, and knowing how valuable you are should be a priority in our lives when it comes to our own personal well being.

We drain ourselves many times because we offer these things to others and most of the time we don’t get it back in return from them.

The mental state of that is unhealthy.

How is it even possible to provide these things if you can’t do it for yourself first?

We all have dealt with some type of mental health

Not because we don’t love ourselves enough or don’t know our worth

But because we take the time out for others and forget about ourselves.

It’s good to do for others and help people

But if you can’t help yourself first, you can’t possibly have an effect on others.

Loving yourself and building that relationship with yourself is not a selfish act

It’s important that you take the time out for you.

When people see how much you care and value yourself

They will know that you can do the same for them.

Set the tone on self care.

It will help you to appreciate and be very affective in our world today.

So many people deal with mental health.

All because they don’t make time for themselves to get stronger mentally

Strengthen your mind

Yes you are going to have moments where you just feel like giving up

But you have to continue to stand on God’s promises.

Rely on God for strength

You need strength to go out and make a difference in the world

But make sure you take that time to rejuvenate and get your strength back

Love yourself

Cherish yourself

Trust yourself

Believe in yourself

Focus on yourself

I promise it’s going to set the tone.



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