When God is all you have, then all you have is all you need.

God is my everything

I know many times when I was lost, he was always there

The many times when other people walked out of my life

God stayed

We put so much effort into people trying to please them or make sure we get their attention when in the end their efforts are not corresponding with ours.

When we put our efforts into serving God

We begin to see the relationship grow and we begin to see things in a whole new perspective.

We grow in knowledge, wisdom, love and many other things that we sometime are unaware of.

When we put our trust in people

They they fail us

We put our trust in God

And he goes above and beyond anything we could ever imagine.

If you don’t have no one that you can trust or count on

You can always trust God with your life

To many times we put our trust and hopes into people just to get let down and live disappointed.

When all you have is God

God is all that you need

Find like minded people with the same mindset to serve God

It will boosts your efforts into serving God

We fail

We are not perfect

But we serve a God that never fails

And perfect

God will always be there

Rely on God

Trust him

Praise him

Thank him

He knows you best

He knows what you need

He knows who you are

He knows that you’re going to make it

Just trust him

Allow God to put trust worthy people in your circle that are serious about him

If they are serious about God

They will be serious about you.



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