Bae Requirements: Love God with me,Live for God with me ,Pray with me, Serve with me, Be honest with me, Grow with me

We all have hopes of finding that true love we can call our forever

Sometimes when we are searching for love we go by looks and not by the characteristics people show

Someone can look good and still have no desire to change

Someone can look good and still not be interested in the things that you are

Find someone who you can connect with

Most importantly

Find someone who is connected to God and has a relationship with him

If you know you live your life a certain way

Don’t go find someone that will make you do things you have no desire of doing.

What are you really looking for in a relationship ?

Really think about who you want to spend the rest of your life with

Love is a forever thing

Not a temporary thing

Love God with me

If you love God, find someone that express the same kind of love to God

Then you both can express that same love together to him

Live for God with me

living for God is not easy, but you can find someone that also live for God and he will strengthen you so when times are hard and someone is weak the other person can be there to strengthen you and remind you of the God you serve.

Pray with me

If bae don’t pray, he/she can’t stay

Someone that prays for you is definitely someone you would want in your life

Life is not easy

Coming together in unity and prayer is a powerful thing.

Serve with me

We all must serve

Find someone who don’t mind being selfless

Many times we lack at serving because we are with selfish people and it will cause discouragement and make you not want to serve.

If someone is willing to take a back seat and put other people needs before theirs will show you how much they will put you before themselves

Be honest with me

Honesty is a great thing

Be honest with each other

The truth hurts but a lie hurts even worse

Let honesty build the relationship

You’re not perfect

Mistakes are going to happen

And that’s where the honesty kicks in

Amit that you’re struggling with something

Admit that you need help

You can’t heal what you don’t reveal

Grow with me

It’s a beautiful thing when you can find someone who is growing with you.

Find someone who is willing to

Grow as a person

Grow financially

Grow in God

Growth is a key factor to see all the progress you have made

If you know what you want in love

Have those requirements

You don’t have to settle for less

You know what you want and deserve

Then go get it

Love is a beautiful thing.

I know I found my true love

Someone who I can grow with

And can continue to grow in God with



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