What was meant to destroy you God will use to elevate you.

We all go through different trials in our life

Some of us face the same things

In those moments it seem as if there is no way out of the situation

Many times we feel defeated because of the battle we endured

Those trials don’t come to destroy us

But we face them to become stronger

There are many attacks the devil is going to try and throw at you

Mostly attacks in your mind

The devil wants you to throw in the towel

He wants you to be defeated

He wants you to doubt

He wants you to feel hopeless

But the God we serve is bigger than all those things

What the enemy throws at you God is blocking and protecting you

I know it may look like you’re defeated from other people’s point of view

But God is aligning things in your favor behind closed doors

God is going to use the trials you are facing right now to elevate you to another level

Don’t look at the situation like you’re defeated

Know that God is with you through every trial and trust him to get you through it

God is building your faith and trust in him through that trial

You’re going to come out on top

But remember

Going up a level brings a new devil

You are going to be faced with many trials

As you began to overcome you will have to also elevate your faith

You’re going to elevate and be prosperous

But make sure your faith stays elevated also

God see’s what you are going through

Trust him

Communicate with him


This is just preparing you for what you prayed for.



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