Give yourself time to heal Don’t expect the next person to be a Band-aid for what the last person did.

Many of us have had our hearts broken, been let down or thought someone we had a future with would potentially be someone we spend the rest of our life with.

Most times we try to find someone else and not give ourselves time to heal and move on.

Then you wonder if they/you ever truly loved you since they/you moved on so fast.

I know it would be hard to move on with the quickness especially if you invested a lot of time in someone.

I know as a man, men move on with the quickness

It hurts but to get over the hurt we try to rush and find someone else to fill the hurt.

For most women I know they may take their time and be patient

They learn to deal with the hurt

A good woman will learn from the relationship and not search for the same type of guy.

A good man will learn from the relationship and not search for the same type of girl.

But how can we search for what we deserve if we never heal?

Healing should be a priority in your life.

It may take time but you don’t want to go through the same things over and over just with a different person.

Take the time out to heal

I know it hurts

I know it hurts more seeing what the other person is doing also

But when you receive your healing you won’t be focused on what they are doing

You will already be moved on ready to receive what you deserve.

Don’t bring past hurt into a new relationship

Because you can push away someone that really cares for you

Just because you let the hurt in

Go get your healing

Take that time out

Go get what you deserve.

There’s someone out there that wants to give you the love you desire.



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