My days are better when I pray and talk to God first.

When I wake up each morning I try to get up somewhere between 4:30-5 and get my day started during the weekdays

I’ve noticed how much of difference my day goes when I get up, pray and get my morning started.

Waking up early to talk to God makes me feel like I’m first in line to not only tell him what I’m in need of but to thank him for blessing me to see another day that wasn’t promised.

Talking to God to start my morning help me to know how I should receive the day.

I understand that not everyday is not going to be a good day

But I know that God is with me and blessed me to take on the day for a reason

Being able to see another day is a blessing

No matter how the day may go

You’re still blessed and here for a reason

It’s really a humble Situation to put yourself in to talk to God first thing in the morning

I discipline myself to get up, pray, and workout

It’ll really help your mind for the day

I know it has helped me many times

Just talking to God at anytime will help you gain that hope and confidence in your day.

Don’t go a day without communicating with God

Don’t allow yourself to live life based on your own strength

You’ll fail every-time

Start your day off with prayer

You’ll see the difference it makes just giving that time to God to start your day.



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