You must train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you will lose yourself every time.

Our mind is a powerful tool in life

I know it’s easy for us to go to the gym, lift weights and do things to strengthen our physical bodies

But strengthening our minds is a bigger challenge because of the things you will have to do to make sure your mindset is building

It’s easier said than done

I know what some may be thinking…

I can I build my mind with all these trials and tribulations I am facing?

That’s probably the toughest thing to do is trying to build something in your weakest moments

I remember when I first tore my Achilles

The hardest part wasn’t walking getting surgery, walking on crutches or walking in a boot

The hardest part was building that strength back in my leg

While things are good

It’s easy to focus and stay ahead of things

When my legs were good

It was easy to go work them out


The main thing that your do in your strong moments is continue to build a habit to build strength

You must prepare for those moments in which you become weak in

They’re coming whether we want them to or not

That’s why it’s important to strengthen your mind daily

Feed your mind information and knowledge

Build that confidence

All of that starts before you become weak

Even in my situation, I still stuggled accepting it but God showed me something that changed my whole mindset

If I did not prepare my mind ahead of time

I would not have accepted what God showed me

I challenge who ever is reading this to build your mind daily.

Don’t let your emotions get involved because you will miss out on the bigger picture.

You’ll miss out on becoming better

You’ll miss out on what that lesson is trying to teach you

Our weakest moments are our learning moments

Be strong mentally



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