If you want God to close and open doors, you got to get your hand off the doorknob

Only God can open doors for us that no one can shut

But we sometimes get impatient to the point where we try to close and open certain doors in our own life

When we do that we are basically rushing God and telling him we can do it ourselves

That’s where we mess up when we try to take control and not let God take control

If you are in the process of waiting on God to open new doors for you

Don’t rush it because you will mess up the timing that God has for that situation

I know it’s hard to be patient sometimes because some things are not going right

But trust me, letting God handle the situation is better than taking matters into our own hands

When we do things ourselves

We find ourselves closing one door and can’t open another

When God closed a door for you

He has the keys for you to unlock the new door

Don’t let your impatience ruin things

When you don’t have the key

You’ll find yourself waiting longer than what God have planned for you

Stay patient

Stay praying

Stay humble

Stay positive

God has some great things in store for you

And he has the key to unlock that door for you to help you unlock your potential

Faith worketh patience



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