Understand the value of a woman/man that prays for you.

A woman that prays for you, is a woman who’s actions shows true care and love for you.

A man that prays for you, is a man who’s actions shows true care and love for you.

A praying woman is a strong woman

A praying man is a strong man

Being able to humble yourself and pray to God is the strength we all need

You need someone in your corner that is willing to pray for you and that see prayer as a first option

Prayer is a powerful tool

Prayer changes things

We all know the value that prayer brings

Find someone that is equipped in prayer to talk to God

Know your worth

Know the value that you bring

Become that prayer warriors

Add that value to your life

I know you’re







But now it’s time to take your value to the next level by increasing your faith and praying.

Knowing that God is with you every step of the way in your life brings the confidence you need to achieve anything

Go out there and add value to your life and someone else life.

There is someone waiting on you to help teach them how to pray so they can also add that value and confidence in their life.



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