Prayer changes everything because it releases God’s wisdom into your circumstances.

Prayer changes things

When you pray for something you must believe that what ever it is you ask of God; he’s going to do it.

Our faith must be taken to the next level

Because when we pray we are allowing God to handle the situation for us

When you pray and allow God to have full control

You will begin to get the understanding in the certain situation

You will know how to react towards the situation also

Our faith is what activates God

And when our faith is in God

You will see the miracles and impossibilities happen in your life.

In the Bible when Peter saw Jesus walking on water

He said to Jesus

“If it is you, bid me to come onto the water”

Jesus then replied


Peter got off the boat and begin to walk on the water

But he began to drown because he took his eyes off of Jesus and started focusing his attention on what was happening around him

Jesus grabbed hold of Peter and said

“O ye of little faith”

In life we know that having faith as the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains

But In this situation with Peter, it was not the fact that he didn’t have faith

But it was instead the duration of his faith

I know in life when we pray and ask God for something we think he’s not listening because after we pray it seems like bad things begin to happen

We start to focus our attention on the things around us

Know this…

God heard your prayers

The duration of your faith must be longer than your fears.

When we pray and take our focus off of God

That’s when we begin to drown

I know in your situation it may look tough but keep your eyes on God and walk on that water

Yes you have faith

But don’t put a time limit on your faith

You know what you prayed and believed God for

Don’t turn away from God and focus on the things around you

Focus your attention on God knowing that everything you have prayed for God has taken care of It for you.



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