Anything under God’s control is never out of control

Anything we allow God to take the lead on will always be under control

We all know on the road of life we find ourselves getting off track, hitting speed bumps, or going backwards

Usually when those things happen, it’s because we allowed it to happen ourselves

We decide to take control and go at the rate we pick ourselves

We decide to choose a destination that we are comfortable with

In life if you want to be successful and prosper

You must get uncomfortable

Doing things on our own causes these things to happen where we find ourselves in a tough situation and become faithless

We become discouraged and want to give up

We then find ourselves going even more out of control because now all hope is lost

Put your faith in God and allow him to be in control in your life

Because even when you find yourself in a situation

You have the faith to know and believe that God has everything under control

You will have that hope and faith

Knowing that everything happens for a reason

And God has something great In store

When God takes something away

He always replace it with something better

Allow God to keep your life under control

You’ll have the understanding of your situation

And have your hope and faith restored



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