I know the road may be hard but don’t give up.

You may seem like you keep trying and trying again but the time you stop

your weakness will began to show in anything you do.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.the most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.Try over and over again until you succeed because when you are successful in one thing your work ethic translate into something else you want to do.

Working at a school, I tell kids all the time

How you act now, and what you do will always show up in the things you do in the future

So if you’re a stranger to hard work

It’ll show in the next thing you do

Change you mindset and strive to become better everyday

Just because something didn’t work out the first time

Doesn’t mean that it never will

True failure isn’t until you quit

I’ve failed so many times in life but I made my failures learning moments

That’s the reason I work hard today and keep going

I know how it feels to win

I know how it feels to fail

I become more determined when I fail because I understand what I need to do better to become better

Sometimes winning pushes you to continue to do great

But at some point we began to get to comfortable at the level we are at and not realize that we must become better daily

Whether you win or lose

Keep pushing to become better

Don’t give up on yourself

People are depending on you to become who God has called you to be

Someone needs your testimony to keep going and strive for greatness

If it was easy

Everyone would do it


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