Disconnecting from certain people can bless your life

You are a product of your environment

We sometimes believe that we have to keep certain people around us because we’ve known them for a long time or because they are family

If that person has no intention of investing in your future or motivating you to be better

There is no point in keeping them in your circle

If they are not trying to become better themselves then they will not do the same for you

Stagnant minded people are stable in their ways

Meaning they will be stagnant in their ways and is OK with where they are

If you continue to surround yourself with people that are stagnant

You will be stagnant

Wondering why you are not progressing

It’s ok to disconnect from the people that are not as passionate and determined as you

When you separate yourself from those certain people

You’ll see how much you have progressed

Simply by seeing that they are still in the same place

It doesn’t mean that you are better than them

It just mean that you wanted more for your life

Don’t miss out on your blessings staying connected to people that are comfortable with life

Not just comfortable but only want to receive and not give

Focus on yourself

Focus on your mental health

Focus on loving yourself

Focus on investing in yourself

Focus on God

When you take care of yourself first

You will find how easy it is to take care of others

And when taking care of others

God will take care of you



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