God will always put you where you need to be.

I know in life we have many questions we want answers for like

What’s my purpose?

Where am I supposed to be in life?

Is this meant for me?

Trusting in God is not hard but it can become hard depending on the environment we are in

God always has an answer but we must know that it’s God speaking to us

Most of us ask those certain questions because we want to make sure what we are doing is lined up with the path God has us on

And some may be trying to get on the path God has for them

God will always put us in the right place at the right time

Many of us never realize it in the moment but later God gives us that sign that he was involved in the situation

God’s timing is perfect

I know in my life I wanted to do certain things and go my own path

But it didn’t work out like I planned for it to

I began to wonder what am I supposed to do with my life

You never really understand and realize until time goes by and you’re able to look back at your life

I know what I am doing now is where God needed me to be

I always asked God to let his will be done in my life

And now I see that I am on the right path

Spend time with God

I promise every time I build my relationship with God

And draw closer to him

My wisdom and understanding increases

I pray that God increase your knowledge and wisdom, to help you to understand why he needs you to be where you are today, so you can fulfill your purpose in life.

There’s a lesson to be learned where you are

Pay close attention

That lesson is preparing you for what’s next in your life.



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