Learn To Be Led By God, Not Driven By Impatience

The more you hurry the more mistakes you make

Slow down and breath

Don’t become impatient on your journey in life

We don’t always get to where we want in life because we push ourselves trying to get there when it’s not in God’s timing for us to be there

Then if/when we get there we find out that it’s not for us, only because we rushed there and the timing is off

Wait on God

Allow God to put you in position

Don’t try to position yourself

It’s just gonna leave you disapointed and you’ll begin to see why God had you wait

If God is taking his time to position you, Wait patiently on what he is doing

Trust God

God could be removing people and placing the right people in the right places on your behalf

Being patient is not an easy task

But if you want God to make things right for you and put you in the best position possible, then it is best to have faith, and trust what he is doing in the process

Whatever it is that you have been praying for, God is getting ready to bless you with.

Don’t lose hope

it’s coming

Faith worketh patience

You’re in the faith building process

I know where you want to be in life you have been working hard and dedicated to getting things done

Just have the faith and don’t stop working

It’ll all pay off soon

Trust the process

What comes easy won’t last

What last won’t come easy

You got this !



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