5 Keys To A Healthy Relationship

⁃ God at the center of the relationship

First thing first, it’s important to make sure you keep God first in your relationship.

Especially if you both are believers. Putting God first not only by saying but when it comes to decision making, when it comes to being faithful to what God wants you to do, and showing the love to God. When you put God first , you’ll see how much better your relationship becomes. Not saying you’re not going to have problems and disagreements, but God will help you to be understanding and most importantly evaluating yourself. Because at the end of the day, we have control over our actions and the choices we make. Loving God will show in your relationship. If you love God and faithful to him, it will cause you to do the same in your relationship.

⁃ Constant Effort

Never stop showing effort in a relationship. It’s always the small things that can spark up your relationship. Many times we do so many big things and we tend to slow down on the effort because we run out of ideas or you just want to do things big every time. Allow those small effort to build up to those big efforts. Think on your situation. Financially, time , etc. this is why being you and doing the small things matter because we see what others do on social media and get pressured to do something and the time doesn’t line up or finances don’t match. You won’t get so burnt out doing the small things. As I stated, allow those small things to build up to the big things.

⁃ Communication

Communication is key!

Communication brings so much understanding in anything, especially a relationship. As I stated about the small things when it comes to effort. Communication is that small thing that can change everything. Letting your partner know where you are , where you going, what we eating. It small things like that, especially since we all know life is short and we never know the last time we will see that person. Communication relates to everything whether is a relationship, family , talking to God. Communicate with people. When you don’t it leaves so much room for imagination. You could be out doing good deeds but not communicating what you doing , someone could think you’re in trouble or doing bad things. So communicate!

⁃ Unconditional Love

Love is powerful!

The love God shows us is unconditional. Meaning, despite or past or what we have done, he still loves us more and answer our prayers. Showing that same love in a relationship is major. You’re going to have arguments and disagreements, but that doesn’t mean that things are going wrong. Unconditional love means to not put any limits on love. Love without limits. Do things in your relationship without expecting things in return.

⁃ Trust

Last but not least, is trust. Without trust the relationship will fail. Trust ties in with everything i have stated. You must trust God in your relationship, you must show yourself to be trustworthy with your efforts, you must trust the power of communication, and trust the power of love. Once you earn that person trust. Don’t break it. Many people have had difficult past situations in which their trust has faded. But showing all the things I have stated will help you to build back up that trust that the person has lost.



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