Get ready for God to blow your mind.

God is about to do the impossible in your life.

Expect God blessings over your life.

The things people said you couldn’t have

The places they said you’ll never go

The person they never thought you would be.

God is about to make things happen for you.

Be prepared for what God is getting ready to do.

It’s going to not only blow your mind

But the people around you

The people who doubted you

The people who left you

The people that stopped believing in you.

God believes in you so much

He wants you to have the same self belief

When you have confidence in God and yourself

You can achieve anything

If you stay ready, you dont have to get ready.

Only God can do the impossible

With God all things are possible

And if you believe and put God first, he will do the impossible in your life.



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