God doesn’t give you the people you want. He gives you the people you need.

People come into our life for a reason, a season, and a lifetime

There are many people in our life that have stayed

There are many people in our life that have gone

Whether positive or negative

Each person that crossed paths with us in our life had something to teach us

Most time we think that when God sends us what we need is something we expect

Meaning the right person who is possibly a helping hand

Someone that motivates us

Someone that lifts us up

But what we need to understand is that God sends people into our life to test us

To see if we are really going to stand firm in what we believe

To see if we are going to remain in character instead of lose our character

There are people that are going to come into your life to teach you on how you will need to handle a negative situation

The right people aren’t just the positive but the negative ones also

Your faith will be tested not to break you but to build you

Build your character

Build your faith

God will present to you someone you need that may cause chaos in your life just to help you be more aware and to help you to be the example on how to treat those who misuse you

Use this as a learning curve

God has a way of using storms to reveal who we truly are

How you react to the storm is what people are going to see

The Bible says , you will know a man by his fruits

What type of fruit are you producing?

Allow God to not only build your faith but build your character

The right person may be the one that make everything great in your life

But the right person may be the one to also cause chaos in your life just to humble you and reveal your true character.


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