Don’t worry if you’re not where you want to be yet. Great things take time.

Good things comes to those who wait and continue to work hard.

I know in life we sometimes fall behind or we try to get back on the right path in our life

Life can be so complicated at times because when you’re an adult, it seems as if every second you have a decision to make

Makings choices/decisions is apart of life

Sometimes the decisions we make either don’t go as we plan

Or was just a bad decision

Where we want to be in life seems so close but yet so far

It’s like a win-lose situation

One day you take 10 steps forward

The next day you take 10 steps backwards

Just know this

If everyday you are striving to get better and working on yourself and your goals

The things you have waited patiently for will eventually come

Many times I talk about God’s timing and how at the right time he makes things happen

It’s very true

We just look at the situation of us wanting something

But we don’t look at what we need to do to prepare for that something we are patiently waiting for

You’re not behind, you’re just being prepared

If God can trust you with the little things in life

He will allow you to be over the bigger things

So don’t worry if you’re not where you want to be yet

Just keep preparing yourself so you can not only be ready but dominate it

Good things will come if you’re patiently waiting but don’t stop working

Work and wait

Your time is coming!!!



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