Nobody Can Stop God’s Plan

I know many time before I have made the true statement of how God has a plan for your life

In which I still stand on and find true because I see how he’s worked in my life

The plan that God has is continuous

What do I mean by continuous

The plan of God has no limit and no stopping point

Even when we die God’s plan still continues on

God gives us a choice in life

If we choose him the plan he has will come to pass

I know in my life when I got off track

I still seen God make a way in my life

God will cause some things to happen in your life to humble you and help you to realize the plans he has for you must be fulfilled

We must continue to stand on the promises of God

I know someone who is reading this that may have gotten off track and think God has forgotten about you or think he doesn’t have a plan for you

But I’m here to tell you that God still has a plan for you and he’s going to help you get right back on track so you can fulfill your purpose

Don’t lose hope

Nobody is going to be able to stop the plans that God has



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