God is thinking about you right now

Many times we get to the point where things are going wrong in our life and we feel like God has forgotten about us.

When we get to that point in life is when we let doubt and unbelief creep in

Don’t allow yourself to worry when God already has it taken care of

This is the time where we need to pray more and reconnect with God more

Connecting with God like never before

We will begin to realize and appreciate that where God has us, he will guide us

God puts us in those positions to test our faith

Worrying in the storm makes you weak

Praying in the storm makes you strong

Keep your eyes on God

He’s building back better than before

Never think that God is breaking you down to keep you down

God breaks you down to build you up better, stronger, and wiser

Be grateful for where God has you

It’ll help you evaluate yourself and trust God more

God is getting ready to bless you beyond what you have asked for

Are you ready?

The storm that is testing you will be the storm that blesses you

Hold on

Keep your faith high

Don’t lose sight of what God is getting ready to do in your life.



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