What you don’t heal in your singleness will spread like a disease in your togetherness.

Most of us has had an experience in being around toxic people or being in a toxic relationship.

In that toxic moment you might have been depressed, stressed , and overwhelmed.

Breaking free from toxic people is a hard thing that people don’t discuss

Is almost like an addiction because you’re trying to break free from that person or people you based your life routine being around.

When you break free from those people it almost feel like you’re lost at the moment

Because you based your life around the people that are not helping your future

Break free from those that are not building you

They are breaking you little by little

When you separate yourself, use that time to really build yourself and build a relationship with God

God will help you put back together the pieces that were broken in your life.

Take that time to heal before finding another relationship

Don’t take your brokenness into another relationship


Then make sure the person you are pursuing are healed from their brokenness

Don’t go into a relationship trying to help someone heal from their brokenness.

Especially if you see that the person is not willing to receive healing.

If they see the value of healing themselves they will see the value in you.

Work on your mental health, physical health and spiritual health.

You will begin to have understanding not only of life but also knowing who to pursue and who’s pursuing you.

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