The struggles in waiting on GOD

We hear a lot of people tell us to

“Be patient and wait on God”

Including myself

It’s the right answer people don’t want to hear

Especially in the midst of a situation

Just from my experience it has been challenging to wait on God

But Why?

In my case

It became difficult to wait on God because I had already started to live life going my own path instead of the path God wanted me on

When I was a teen I would always make putting God first apart of my daily routine



Reading the Word

So if someone was to tell me then to

“Wait on God”

It would not be a problem too because my faith is already built up to trust him

Even in the midst of tough situations I just knew that God would take care of me

Fast forward

Now as I start becoming an adult, making God apart of my daily routine slowly began to fade

I began to allow other things to take the place of the time I set out for God

In most situations we think only bad things can take that place

But you could be doing something completely good that could take that place also

As the praying,fasting and reading begin to be at a minimum

I begin to notice how much my faith began to decrease also

I begin to find myself questioning God on certain situations

But in reality if I just continued to make him apart of my daily routine

The answers I was looking for would have been presented to me daily

My faith would been increased daily

If you find yourself struggling in your walk with God

Or just don’t know why and how to overcome that situation

Ask yourself

Am I making God apart of my daily routine ?

When we’re doing our own thing

We never question and answer to ourselves

Going down our own path just moves us further away from God

God has all the answers and is always speaking

It’s a struggle to wait on God but when you make God a priority in your life you will see how faith makes a difference.


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