GOD’S Timing,Not MineGOD’S Will,Not MineGOD’S Plan,Not MineGOD’S Glory,Not Mine

If I lived life by my own terms, how far would it get me in life?

What if I decided to be strong enough to handle my own situations, without calling on a higher power?

What if I decided to do things on my own timing, or plan out my life and how it should be?

What if??

The thing is; I realized at a certain time in my life, I tried to do all those things.

Thinking I was strong enough to handle things

Thinking things were going to happen the time I expected it to happen.

Thinking that what I planned my life to be will become my reality.

I realized that things don’t always go as planned.

Especially since we are not the creators of our life we live.

I do believe that we can speak things into existence.

But I also believe that plan has to line up with what God wants you to do.

God’s timing is always the right timing in any situation.

I’ve realized that doing things on my timing, I didn’t get the results I was looking for.

But God’s timing came with the results, hope, and faith.

When I thought I had my life planned out

Wanting to play basketball in which I worked hard at but always got overlooked no matter how hard I worked.

God’s plan made me realize that, the hard work I put on the court, if I did the same for his kingdom, many doors would be open and I wouldn’t be overlooked anymore

And all this equals up to the glory that is received.

Not mine glory but God’s glory.

All the glory belongs to God


Because without him where would we be?

We would be:




God’s timing

God’s plan

God’s Will

God’s glory

The one that is deserving of it all

You can go further in life and prosper with God

You will do things you never would have imagined

Trust what God is doing in your life.

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