Don’t lose focus.God’s plan for your life is about to manifest.

This year of 2020, has already been a year to go down in the books.

Not because all the great things that happened

But because of what we didn’t expect

Enough to take your focus from what matters most.

It can become easy to lose your focus when you focus on the problems of life

In those moments is where our faith is tested.

Some of the outcomes we expect doesn’t always go as planned.


Does anything really ever go as planned?

When things don’t go as planned, we then must continue to trust the process and keep moving forward.

Easier said than done right?

Especially when it’s hard to keep your focus and proceed to move forward in those moments of disappointments.

In disappointing moments, we don’t really take the time to really look ahead and think; maybe God has something better.

That’s what most of us believes when things don’t go as planned

In that case

God does has something better

Everyday as we go through life, thinking on the things we can handle

God knows the real us.

God will take you through as preparation of what you are becoming.

Most times when we really want something, we have to think to ourselves

Am I ready for this?

God knows our every need

And he gives us the desires of our heart.

But we must stay focused and prepared.

As fast as we can gain something, we could lose it in an instant also

When God prepares you for something, it will be something that will last.

To help you be where you need to be in life.

Where I want to be in life takes focus and preparation.

That’s why we must not lose focus when God is preparing us for what we pray for.

Are you going to slack sometimes?


Are you going to procrastinate sometimes?


But what you cannot do is lose complete focus

You can manifest the life you want

But you can also manifest the life you don’t want simply by focusing on things God didn’t prepare you for.

We all at some point lost our focus then regained our focus

I’m in that same boat

I know what it’s like to lose focus

I know what it’s like to be totally focused

With a focused mind, your life will progress the way it was intended to

It builds your faith

It builds your confidence

It builds your mind

It gives you hope that tomorrow is going to be even better

We must strive to become better everyday

We change on a daily basis

That’s why being focused gives us the chance to examine ourselves to becoming better

God is getting ready to manifest his plans in your life

Losing focus will only delay those plans.

Blessings are delayed, not denied

But losing focus, we give ourselves no opportunity to receive what God has for us.

So stay focused in this season of distractions.

God is about to elevate you to levels no one thought you would be.

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