What Educators Say About Dartannon

Mr. Wilson is an outstanding individual who cares deeply about influencing and motivating others. He is positive, encouraging and energetic in his approach to everything he does. My students were instructed with enthusiasm and pushed to be productive citizens both in and out of the classroom. Students understood valuable lessons based on goal oriented objectives. Decision making and good choices were not only taught but illustrated by Mr. Wilson, as he facilitated the lessons and discussions. I would recommend this program, but feel it was even better because of the attention given to the content by Mr. Wilson. I appreciate the impact that it has had, and I look forward to having the presentation year after year.

Jason Hammack/ Bland Middle School Principal

Mr Wilson made such a huge impact on my students. He really got the kids thinking about their lives and how their decisions can effect themselves and others. They loved the activities and class discussions! He is an amazing speaker and motivator!

Tiffany Null/ Royse City HS Teacher/Coach

Dartannon was able to connect with the students and build a relationship with them. The students really engaged and participated with him. He was very professional and always punctual. I hope we can get him again next year for our school!!

Darcie Rochester/ Bland Middle School Counselor

Mr.Wilson was an excellent motivational speaker. He did a great job at engaging students and making sure the content was relevant. He always brought energy and fun into any presentation. My students were able to learn valuable lessons throughout the time Mr. Wilson spoke with them. He was prepared and ready to go when the students arrived. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson.

Brianne Sanderson/ Site Coordinator, Boys and Girls club(Kava Kids)

Excellent and well-informed. Was awesome with the kids they enjoyed him and his presentations. I love the way he was able to communicate and build a solid relationship with each individual child.

Patrick Strambler/ Royse City HS Teacher/Coach

Mr. Wilson did a fantastic job with the students. Every week he came prepared and ready to have the students engaged in the lesson. He brought the energy every time he stepped into the room and students looked forward to him coming every week.

Cliff Prier/ Bland Middle School Teacher

He was a very clear and concise speaker. He found ways to get all the students involved in the discussion. Discussions were very interactive and sometimes hands on activities. Lessons were age appropriate as well. He kept them engaged. He remained calm even when some groups got a little too excited and crazy. He asked leading questions to start the lessons. He awarded prizes if kids could remember what they talked about previously.

Rachel Lambert/ Bland Middle School Teacher

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